Tickled in socks - Samantha Joons

Time: 9:33
Performers: Samantha Joons Gina Devine
Keywords: gangster socks ff

Samantha Joons is back in tickling action and this time she will face keen tickler Gina Devine. Now those who haven’t seen Samantha before, will probably notice she has an incredible pair of beautiful feet, they are the perfect shape, super smooth and ultra soft, they are also incredibly ticklish… They are a ticklers dream! With her hot feet in desperate need of a good tickling, we choose to bound her in the device the gangster, as this is a fantastic device for great foot tickling! Samantha’s feet are presented to Gina clad in some cute socks and this is where keen tickler Gina begins, as her nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently over Samantha’s socked feet. Gina explores every inch of Samantha’s soles and once she is satisfied her work as ‘sock’ tickler is complete, she slips off Samantha’s socks and gets stuck into her bare feet. Gina is a relatively new tickler, but she learns the trade very quickly and we think Samantha experience this first hand, as from the start of the clip to the end, Gina had Samantha laughing sweetly. Samantha’s cute feet fight hard, but have no chance to avoid the tickling all they can do is accept it. Don’t miss these two hot brunette’s in tickling action!

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