Tickle torture Elis Gilbert

Time: 14:14
Performers: Nathaly Elis Gilbert
Keywords: devil nylon gagged pumps hairbrush ff

Elis Gilbert is new face on tickling submission. She is very nervous and shy girl. Today she is going to face a brand first ticklish experience, this time at the hands of tickler Nathaly! Bound in the device devil, Elis looks a right ticklish treat and as expected Nathaly wastes no time. Starting on her upper body, her nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently as she tickles, teases and titillates every inch of her soft sides and underarms. She takes down her high heels and once sets her fingers to work, she starts off on her nylon clad soles. Then Nathaly introduces her to a gag! This muffles Elis’s cries and laughter. Nathaly doesn’t hang around and once again he soon has Elis in fits of fight. Elis’s soles are soft and sensitive and Nathaly’s expert tickling fingers soon show them who’s the boss, working there magic over every inch of them. Not content with just punishing Elis’s feet with her fingers Nathaly also works over them with the brush. As Elis fights harder and harder more and more muffles laughter fills the room! Don’t miss this new brunette tickle tortured by the expert tickler Nathaly.

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