I Love Tickling

Time: 9:00
Performers: Florance Russel Tickler
Keywords: devil mf bare-feet armpit-tickling foot-fetish hairbrush blonde tickle-torture punishment

Florance loves tickling! She is bound in the device by the devil, her feet is bare, they are completely immobile and perfectly poised for the ticklers attack. He wastes no time ... He first starts on her upper body, his agile fingers work quickly and efficiently and he soon has her in fits of sweet laughter, constantly teasing as he tickles, Florance soon realizes today's she's in ticklish trouble! As the more she is tickled, the more she laughs, her sweet laughter is music to Mr.Tickler ears! Her cute fingers are working expertly. Soon Mr.Tickler has Florance laughing uncontrollably, examining every inch of her cute feet with his tickling fingers, he shows no mercy. He introduces her feet to the hairbrush, this is too much for poor Florance too takes her and drives her wild, tickler uses it to such a great effect that the motion of the brush shreds her nylons and exposes her bare feet! Do not miss this latest epic!

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