Gagged And Hogtied

Time: 11:06
Performers: Daniela Tickler
Keywords: mf hogtied brunette sneakers socks jeans bare-feet tickle-feet armpit-tickling tickle-torture

Daniela is a hot brunette and is an absolute pleasure to tickle. she's about to enter her ticklish hell! Mr.Tickler gags poor Daniela in a bid to keep her quiet.... Now she has Daniela bound on the bed, in a hogtied position. Bound and vulnerable on in sneakers and socks. He works over her feet in socks and then with bare feet. Mr. Tickler shows no mercy and all poor Daniela can do is laugh! Mr. Tickler also introduces her hands to hips and belly. His nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently as he tickles, teases and titillates every inch of her soft sides and ticklish underarms.This evokes some great ticklish reactions from her sexy ticklish victim! Dont miss Daniela tickled in this newest tickle video!

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